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Name: PinkLisa  
Place of origin: USA  
Height: 5'1'  
Weight: 130 Lbs  
Breasts: Real/Natural  
Breast size: 38DDD/38E  
Waist: 24  
Hip: 38  
Favorite foods: Seafood, Vegetables and Rice  
Favorite Things To Drink: Water, Juice and Tea  
Favorite type of clothing: Anything Sexy and Tight fitting  
Favorite genre: Sci-Fi  
Hobbies and Activities: Sewing, Drawing, Painting, Playing Video Games, Building things.  
Favorite song: "Check up on it" by Beyonce Knowles  
I spend most of my time to play video games and keeping in good shape. I also like chatting with people online.
I love to make my own clothing. I am not a model or actress. I am a former computer IT nerd who now wants to get into acting. If it's possible.


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